Aptakisic Commissioners

A Commissioner is first and foremost a friend–to adult leaders, to Scouting units (packs, troops, and crews), and to the larger Scouting movement. A commissioner is an experienced scouter who acts as an advisor to a Scouting unit on all matters related to running a healthy program, from calendar planning to recruitment, from budgeting to training, and anything else in between. Below you will find a directory of our commissioners and the communities they serve. Your commissioner is always willing to work with and for you, so please do not hesitate to reach out to them! Are you not sure who your commissioner is? Contact your District Commissioner below to point you to the right person.

Would you like to be a commissioner? Aptakisic District Needs YOU! 

District Commissioner Corps Name Email Units Serving
District Commissioner – Oversees, motivates, and encourages the commissioner corps while working towards District and Council goals, promotes the health of all Scouting units in the District.
Send an Email 847.8383.20103
Assistant District Commissioner for Buffalo Grove, Long Lake, & Kildeer Communities  Vacant Interested in this role? Contact Us

        Unit Commissioner

Send an Email  Pack 44, Troop 44, Crew 44, Troop 79, Crew 79
Assistant District Commissioner for Highland Park, Highwood, Deerfield, Bannockburn, & Riverwoods Communities
Send an Email
        Unit Commissioner
Send an Email  Pack 450
        Unit Commissioner 
Send an Email  Pack 31, Pack 153, Troop 324
        Unit Commissioner  VACANT Send an Email  Pack 78, Troop 78, Crew 78
Assistant District Commissioner for Lake Forest & Lake Bluff Communities
Send an Email  Pack 49
Send an Email
        Unit Commissioner 
Send an Email Pack 42, Pack 43, Troop 42
        Unit Commissioner  Bert Tucker Send an Email  Pack 46, Troop 46
        Unit Commissioner  Paige Clifford Send an Email  Pack 48, Troop 48
        Unit Commissioner  Bob Hardy Send an Email Pack 148
        Unit Commissioner  Jason Lewis Send an Email Crew 48
Assistant District Commissioner for Libertyville & Greek Oaks Communities
Send an Email
        Unit Commissioner  Jason Brown Send an Email  Pack 271, Pack 74
        Unit Commissioner 
Send an Email  Troop 71, Troop 72
        Unit Commissioner  Dave Davies Send an Email  Pack 72
Assistant District Commissioner for Mundelein & Freemont Communities
Interested in this role? Contact Us
        Unit Commissioner  James Rice Send an Email  Pack 98
        Unit Commissioner  Steven Wells Send an Email  Pack 59, Troop 95, Troop 273
Assistant District Commissioner for Roundtable – Responsible for planning and executing Roundtable meetings on a standing schedule (What’s Roundtable? Click here). Chris Fardoux Send an Email
        Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Felicia Brandt Send an Email
        Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner Bill Lafleur Send an Email
        Roundtable Commissioner Staff Bill Readdy Send an Email
Assistant District Commissioner for LDS Relations Matt Hutch Send an Email
        LDS Commissioner Liz Bennett Send an Email  Pack 981, Troop 288, Troop 681
Special Needs Commissioner Nike Coyne Send an Email
Special Needs Commissioner
Send an Email  Troop 333, Crew 333
Assistant District Commissioner for Exploring Vacant Interested in this role? Contact Us