District FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the District

What’s a District, and which one is my Scouting unit in?

A District is a geographical territory within a Council. The Northeast Illinois Council is composed of three Districts:

Aptakisic – Southern Lake County

North Star – Northern Lake County

Potawatomi – Northern Cook County

Each District’s homepage contains a list of the communities they serve.

District leaders mobilize resources to ensure the growth and success of the Scouting movement within the district’s boundaries. All districts are responsible for carrying out four functions: membership, fundraising, program, and unit service. These functions are the responsibility of each District’s Committee and Commissioners.

Committees? Commissioners? What are those?

The District Committee and Commissioners are comprised of experienced adult volunteers who work hand in hand to provide a strong Scouting program.

Your District Committee, led by the District Chair, are responsible for ensuring that the District has the resources necessary to thrive and provide service to units: fundraising, programming, and membership. The District Committee’s mission is to plan and oversee their many programs and events, guaranteeing that they are well-funded, well-executed, and well-attended.

Your Commissioners, led by the District Commissioner, are responsible for the health and wellness of the District’s Scouting units. Commissioners are experienced scouters, counselors, advisors, and friends who assist our units with everything it takes to run and maintain a strong program. This can be anything from recruiting more Scouts and adult leaders to designing a budget to identifying a new camping location. Commissioners are always there to help.

To contact your District Committee or Commissioners, visit your District’s homepage.

Other Scouters keep bringing up this thing called “Roundtable.” What is it and how can it help my unit?

Roundtable Meetings are monthly or bi-monthly gatherings of adult volunteers at the unit and district level. The objectives of Roundtable are to provide leaders with program ideas, news on policies and upcoming events, and training opportunities. It is also a forum for sharing ideas and enjoying fellowship with other adult leaders. Roundtable is your one-stop-shop to find out what events are happening in your district, to discover what training opportunities you and your unit can take advantage of, and to get new ideas and advice from fellow scouters. If you have questions about anything Scouting, Roundtable is the best place to start! To find out more about your District’s Roundtable, visit their homepage.

I’m already a District Volunteer and I’m looking for training or assistance with online tools. Where can I find this information?

You can find District Volunteer resources in the District Volunteer Toolkit on your District’s homepage or by clicking here. 

I’m not a District Volunteer, but I’m interested in becoming one. What do I do?

The Northeast Illinois Council is always looking for District volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering or would like to learn more about vacancies within our Committees and Commissioner Rosters, please contact your District Director using the links below:

Aptakisic District

North Star District

Potawatomi District

I have a question not answered here. Help!

Please contact the Webmaster using the form below and we will point you in the right direction as quickly as possible. 

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