Popcorn Team

How can we help?

Your Council Popcorn Team is here to assist you with your popcorn questions and needs. Please let us know what we can do to make your sale a success!

Position Name email Phone
Council Popcorn Kernel H. Clark Federer, M.D. [email protected] 847.869.4392
Aptakisic District Kernel Jason Brown [email protected] 847.970.8469
Aptakisic Lieutenant Kernel Cathy Brown [email protected] 847.875.6319
Aptakisic District Director Zach Knoch [email protected] 224.727.2202
Aptakisic District Executive Andrew Vass [email protected] 847.527.9626
North Star Contact Kristen Cade [email protected] 847.565.2574
North Star District Director Nicole Karlove [email protected] 847.527.9635
NEIC Outreach Executive Fabian Lopez [email protected] 224.260.7861
Potawatomi District Kernel Bob Krause [email protected] 847.691.6379
Potawatomi Lieutenant Kernel Joe Conlon [email protected] 2243.723.6265
Potawatomi District Director Emily Prymula [email protected] 847.527.9629
Popcorn Program Director Julie Tuohy [email protected] 847.748.9149
Field Director Cynthia Gentleman [email protected] 224.727.2483