Prizes & Incentives

What is the Take-Order Golden Ticket Scavenger Hunt?

Take-Order Golden Ticket Scavenger Hunt for Blackhawks Tickets: Three Golden Tickets, one in each district, will be hidden at the home of a volunteer. The first Scout who knocks on the door of the home will be awarded a Golden Ticket, which can be redeemed for two Chicago Blackhawks Tickets. Clues will be posted in weekly Kernel Journals and on the NEIC Facebook page at Golden Tickets will be available until found or until the end of the sale.

How does the Prize Program work?

Take a look at the 2018 Prize Program which is also available on the inside of your take-order form. However, your unit can alternatively choose not to use the prize program, and can instead receive cash back for their hard work.

Does the Council offer additional Popcorn Incentives?

By selling popcorn, you are automatically enrolled in the Northeast Illinois Council Popcorn Incentives Program, regardless of whether your unit participates in the Popcorn Prize Program. We want every Scout to take advantage of all of the fun activities we have to offer and have the chance to win big awards, such as our exclusive racing-themed patch, the Djubi SlingBall Classic set, the Choose Your Own Adventure Program, Blackhawks tickets, and our coveted Popcorn Cup. We’ve created this 2018 Popcorn Incentives List, which details all of our rewards and their requirements for your convenience.

What about Trail’s End Scholarships?

The popcorn your Scout sells now can reap great rewards down the road.  Once your Scout sells over $2,500, 6% of your total sales go into a scholarship fund at Trail’s End. You must register your Scout for this program.  You’ll find everything you need to know right here!