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Why join Boy Scouts?

Founded in 1910, the Boy Scout program set the standard for youth leadership programs worldwide. That’s what our parents like. What do the boys like? Well, they get to be outside (our parents tend to like this part, too). They camp, hike, fish, climb, canoe, and learn how to be a steward of our natural world. Their Troops plan outings to new places. They explore science, engineering, technology, the arts, and other fields of interest in unique environments alongside trained leaders. They build friendships for life. While your son is learning how to build a laser, making a new best friend, traveling to new places, or discovering a new career passion,  he is simultaneously learning how to conduct himself as a responsible, self-sufficient, active member of his community.

When your son joins a Troop, he has the opportunity to follow the Trail to Eagle. The Eagle Scout award is the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scout Program, and involves the completion of specific skill-expanding Merit Badges, as well as developing and executing an Eagle Project that serves the community. The Eagle Scout Award isn’t easy to earn: the Trail to Eagle is long and challenging, but can be incredibly rewarding to a young man’s future. Earning the Eagle shows the world that a Scout is Prepared–to serve their community, to find a meaningful career, and to overcome life’s many challenges. Eagle Scouts commonly hold leadership positions in state and federal government, the military, and major companies. Most NASA Astronauts were Eagle Scouts.*  Eagle Scouts also have access to exclusive scholarships and opportunities both through the Boy Scouts of America and through outside organizations. If these sound like opportunities that you want for your son, click here to find a Boy Scout troop near you today.


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