OA Lodge Leadership Development Day

Come and join the OA Lodge youth Leadership in its annual Lodge Leadership Development Event.  This training will help you to become a leader in the Order of the Arrow and your unit.  The leadership of the Lodge will be conducting the train session.  After the training is complete there will be a lock-in at the Jadel training center at Camp Crown.  Bring your games you wish to share with all.  Lunch and Dinner on Saturday will be provide with a light breakfast on Sunday before departure.

Where: Camp Crown Trevor, WI
When: Saturday October 28 8:00 AM until Sunday October 29 9:00 AM
Cost: $15.00
Registration: Click HERE!!!!!

2 Responses to “OA Lodge Leadership Development Day

  • Marc Elberts
    1 year ago

    What are the Scouts to expect from the Saturday morning to Sunday morning? What gear? Are they to provide their own food? Are there requirements from an Adult to Scout ratio that the Troop needs to provide?


    • Stephanie Brooks
      1 year ago

      Hi Marc, I have contacted John Message about this so that he can address this.

      Steph Brooks

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