OA Feed My Starving Children Service Project

OPEN TO ALL SCOUTERS AND FAMILIES NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Service is a key part of the OA, this event will allow for the Lodge to provide service to large group than it own council boards.  We have a total of 150 spot reserved for OA members.  The event will allow the Lodge to provide a total of 300 service hours back to the community.

The event will occur on Saturday, December 16, at a remote package site for the FMSC, the current location is Pet Factory in Mundelein at 845 E High St, Mundelein, IL.
We will start at 9:30 AM and be complete by 11:30 AM.
Please plan to be on time for this event.

The Lodge will be covering the cost of the remote packaging event of $1500.

This event is OPEN TO ALL Scout and their families.  Register here OAFMSC Event


2 Responses to “OA Feed My Starving Children Service Project

  • Benjamin Bakal Troop 28 and his dad Scott Bakal (ASM of Troop 28) will be there. Do we need to wear uniforms? Sash? Thanks.

    • John Message
      8 months ago

      Scott, We want all BSA members to be uniform and OA member to wear their sash.

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