Recharter Season is Here!

Recharter Season is Here!


Recharters are due Dec 15th!

If your unit turns in a complete, clean (no missing documents) charter by December 15th, the Northeast Illinois Council will pay for Scoutbook for your unit in 2018!

The fees for 2018 membership are as follows:

Registration: $33 per person (scout or adult leader)

Boy’s Life subscription: $12 per person

Charter Fee: $40

In the past, your charter document has required three signatures. This year, the only signature required is that of either your Chartered Organization Representative OR your Executive Officer/Institutional Head. These individuals will be listed in the online charter system. This signature can also now also be completed online through the system.

In the past, units could submit their charter with registered adults still missing current Youth Protection Training. This year, the charter system will NOT allow the user to submit the charter until all adults have current YPT. You can take Youth Protection Training here.


What is Recharter?

Each year, your unit (pack, troop or crew) renews your partnership with your chartered organization and pays your registration fees to the Boy Scouts of America for the upcoming year. These fees provide liability insurance coverage to all members of your unit and to the chartered organization. This process can be done entirely online through the Online Charter System. In this system, you will have the ability to remove members of your unit that have moved on, add new members, change adult leader positions, and edit contact and personal information. The charter is then submitted to the Northeast Illinois Council and sent to the national BSA office.

Who completes the charter?

Typically a leader in your unit will be assigned to complete the required paperwork. A membership chair or registrar would be an ideal adult volunteer to complete it, but any registered adult member of the unit can do so.

How do I access my unit’s charter?

You can access your unit’s charter online using this link. Each year you will register as a new user the first time you log in. Charter packets containing your unit’s unique ID number are distributed at October Roundtable. If you need your ID number or your unit did not receive your packet, please contact your district staff here.

What if someone is missing from my charter or I need help completing it?

If someone is missing, it is likely that the NEIC does not have their application or there may be information missing from it. If you are having problems with your charter, we are here to help. Please contact your district staff here.

Where and when do I turn in my unit’s charter?

Charters can be turned in at your District’s December Roundtable or directly to the Scout Office. If your charter is completed and paid online with no missing documents, it can be submitted online. Charters are due by December 15th.

Is there a guide to the online charter system?

There is! A thorough guide can be accessed here.

How can I pay for my unit’s 2018 membership?

At the end of the online charter system, you will be given the option to pay cash (this means by check or account withdrawal at the Scout Store) or to pay online with a credit card. Please keep in mind that a 3% fee will be charged for credit card transactions.

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