Seabase Opportunity

What:  1-2 open youth positions in Troop 303/Ship 946’s Florida Sea Base Out Island Adventure trek

MUNSON! Along with your assigned island mate, your crew will paddle a Polynesian war canoe more than five miles to a primitive barrier island located in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary for an epic high adventure experience.

Upon arrival at Big Munson Island, your unit will camp under a canopy of gumbo limbo trees, mangroves, and lush vegetation. Endangered Key Deer will pass through your campsite along with hermit crabs and vaca coons. Each day will be action packed. From Big Munson Island your crew will ocean kayak, board a large vessel to access the Florida Barrier Reef to snorkel, board a Sea Base vessel for a fishing excursion, shark fish, paddle to Munson Rocks for a night snorkel, and explore the largest wilderness on Earth. The ocean.

Crews seeking a unique primitive camping experience and a one of a kind adventure should look no further than The Out Island Adventure.

This is a six-night, seven-day adventure.

Where:  BSA Florida Sea Base, Florida Keys

Who:  1-2 girl Venturer, or a boy Scout or Venturer – note:  we already have a mother/daughter team as members of our crew, so we can easily accommodate additional female attendees

When:  July 13th – 19th plus travel between Grayslake and Sea Basel

Cost:  approximately $1,300 per person

    • $880 Sea Base fee
    • Transportation with crew to/from Sea Base (vehicle, fuel, tolls, etc.)
    • Lodging during travel
    • Meals during travel
    • Pre/Post trek excursions as selected by crew (not yet determined)
    • Incidentals (souvenirs, etc.)


RSVP:  if interested, please contact us immediately so we can reserve your trek spot

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