Board of Directors

Council Executive Board

The Northeast Illinois Council Executive Board is elected annually by the Council members at large and Chartered Organization Representatives.

The Executive Board is the governing body of the council territory, empowered by the council body to act in its stead. It takes action to achieve the purposes of the local council. It establishes the council program, carries out resolutions, establishes and enforces policy and hires a Scout Executive, all according to guidelines of the Council Body.

Among its responsibilities are:

  • Exercises all powers of the council body between meetings of the council. This does not include authority to change or amend the articles of incorporation.
  • Approves the program and plans of various committees.
  • Selects and employs a council Scout Executive when a vacancy occurs.
  • Approves and administers a budget adequate to achieve the objectives of Scouting.
  • Coordinates and supports the work of districts in various phases of Council Program and works to build strong district organizations.
  • Raises the dollars necessary to carry out a full Scouting Program in the Council.

2018 Northeast Illinois Council Executive Committee

President, Gregory Lawless

Commissioner, Bethany Micksch

Treasurer, William Ratzer

Vice Presidents

VP Development, Ken Morrison

VP Learning For Life, Roycealee J. Wood

VP Legal, Steven Hunter

VP Membership, Dale Thomas

VP Operations, Rick Jeffries

VP Program, Alison Davies

Members at Large

Ron Peterson

John Wolfson

Immediate Past Presidents

D. Keith Ross

John Landgraf

Ron Peterson

National Council Representatives

Gregory Lawless

Bethany Micksch

Ron Peterson

D. Keith Ross

Executive Board Members

Legend (D – District Chairman, C – District Commissioner, P – Past President)
David Bogetz (D)

Felicia Brandt

William Covington

Alison Davies

Bob Dold

Mark Dunn

Clark Federer III

Rick Gallagher

Armin Gerhardt

Hans Geyer (D)

Eric Guenther

Lee Haak

Patrick Heneghan (P)

Steven Hunter

Matt Hutchings

Rick Jeffries

David Kemp

Pat Klemens

Andy Langan

Gregory Lawless

Tom Macfadden

Larry Marshall

Bethany Micksch

Ken Morrison

Curt Nerenberg

Michael Nerheim

Bill Parthun

Dan Peterson

Ron Peterson (P)

Greg Pinter

William Ratzer

John Riddle

Leon Rockingham

D. Keith Ross (P)

Michael Rubison

Michael Rummel

Kevin Rupprecht (D)

Ayal Sharvit

William Sholten

Chip Smith

Dale Thomas

John Wolfson

Roycealee Wood

Advisory Council

Pete Armstrong

LeRoy Bair

Kevin Baldwin

Brian Buesing

Steve Chodash (C)

Bruce Chudacoff

Anne Fay

Scott Fleming

John Fox

William Gregory

John Landgraf

Robert Markoff

G. John Marmet

Don Martin

Frank Martinek (C)

Tom McIlwee

Stephen Murrill (P)

Rick Schneider

Reed Snyder (C)

Jon Stevens

Bill Stewart

George Sullivan

Don Swanson

Bert Tucker

Larry Young

Honorary Board Members

John A. Canning, Jr.

Frank W. Considine

A. Steven Crown

Daniel M. Crown

James S. Crown

Joel M. Dalkin

John A. Edwardson

J.A. (Tony) Figueroa

William G. Fox

Jeffrey H. Hillebrand (P)

Gerald W. Howard

Vernon R. Loucks, Jr.

John Jadel (P)

Barry L. MacLean

Brian G. Mason

John F. McDonough

David B. Mullen (P)

Thomas S. Ricketts

T. Edward Page

Robert Palmer

Samuel K. Skinner

Edward J. Wehmer

Terry Weppler

Norman H. Wesley