Scouts BSA & Venturing Outdoor Programs

As we know, not everything wonderful happens at camp, though sometimes it seems that way. The fact is, we have programs throughout the year in the great outdoors.  You can always check our calendar to search for event, but we’d like to share some resources with you so that you can come up with some of your own.

Check back soon for updates as we populate this page.  You can also visit Ma-Ha for more information on High Adventure programs offered year-round by the Northeast Illinois Council.

Where to Go Camping!

Thanks to “Wendy’s Wood Badge Ticket,” we’re updating our Where to Go Camping files!

How many times have you discussed with your scouts or other adult leaders looking for new places to go camping? If each Unit in NEIC will take the few minutes to fill out the simple form (link below) with a newfound favorite, off the beaten path or scouts favorite camp site there will be a go-to list for everyone.

It’s simple, but it takes everyone to fill out the form (with at a minimum of 5 locations) in order to have access to some newfound favorites.

Here are some ideas you will find:

  • Want to have navy seals come to your campout and do an amazing session with your scouts?
  • Have you ever done a luge campout? Find out all about it!
  • Canoeing down a river in Wisconsin and sleeping on the river banks?

These and other great campout ideas will be available to you if you fill out the simple to use form!

Thank you for your participation. Your scouts will thank you!

NEIC–Where We Go Camping form

This form is to collect information from NEIC units (packs, troops, venture units, etc.) on where you go camping and share this information as a valuable camping resource with all units. This will feed into an excel spread sheet that will be sent to all that participate in 8 weeks. This guide will be most useful if every unit enters at a minimum their Top 5 sites —we welcome & desire more entries to make this a great source for camping ideas.