Order of the Arrow Lodge Dues

2019 Dues Renewal

To be a member of the Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Lodge, you need to pay your dues AND be registered with the Northeast Illinois Council. For most of you, that means you remain active with your unit. For others, you may have to renew your registration with your District or Council as a member-at-large.

Two Dues Payment Options for 2019:

Individual Dues: $25 – Includes 2019 National and Lodge Dues.

Sustaining Member Dues: $55 – Includes 2019 National & Lodge Dues, Admission to all Lodge events, EXCEPT the OA Winter Banquet.

Since 2019 is the 90th anniversary for Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Lodge, every dues paying member will receive the anniversary flap as a part of their dues payment.

Click HERE to pay your 2019 OA dues online.  You will be required to know your BSA ID number to use this form.  If you have issue please send an email to the Lodge email here

Please pay Dues by March 31, 2019

If you prefer, you can print the paper form, and return it with the proper payment:

If you became an new Ordeal Member in 2018, you will need to pay your 2019 Dues.

Why pay dues?

The biggest reason to pay dues is to remain an active member of the organization. As an active member, you will have the opportunity to become a Brotherhood or Vigil Honor member, help with official service projects, receive our newsletter “Whippoorwill”, run for official positions, seek leadership opportunities within the Lodge. You should know that your lodge also supports many other activities that are part of our mission to provide service to others. For instance, we partly pay for the expenses to produce the camp promotion guide for this council. We also use your dues to build and maintain ceremonial outfits, pay for camp improvements, and support other programs. All of the programs supported by the Lodge are identified and voted upon by the Key 5 and the Lodge Executive Committee.

Your dues help us remain a vital part of the Northeast Illinois Council. So, please support your Lodge.