Chicago has a national reputation as one of the best large cities in the United States for cycling.  Both Lake County and Cook County offer excellent bike trails including the wonderful Des Plaines River Trail  (DPRT) that enables NEIC scouts to bike from Chicago to the state line of Wisconsin.

Chicago hosts hundreds of miles of cycling paths and the Cook County – Lake County corridor, running through the heart of NEIC offers beautiful and woodlands and meadowlands with more elevation than you might expect.

NEIC’s Cycling Committee will help you get started with a simple group outing or help you plan a cycling trek. Ride in one of the  many organized rides, like “Bike the Drive” for a unique view of the lakefront of Chicago! 

Camp Oakarro is located only 1 mile from the Des Plaines River Trail (DPRT). With NEIC’s “Fat Tire” bikes that are perfect for this crushed gravel bikeway, it’s easy for scouts to have a cycling adventure.

Coming in 2019, Camp Crown will feature a pump track and skills courseDesigned to build skills for off-road cycling, improve balance  and provide unique riding challenges.



Cycling Merit Badge look here for the requirements and instructional resources to get started with a lifelong sport.  Road riding, Mountain Biking or Trail Riding, there are many ways to enjoy this sport.

Bike Rental contact NEIC to rent 14 Fat Tire bikes from Camp Oakarro or Camp Crown.  Or, transport bikes to any of the many bike trails in Chicago, Northeast Illinois or Wisconsin.