Paddle close to home in Illinois or southern Wisconsin. Be ready for bigger adventures in the North Woods by practicing your skills on the many accessible lakes and rivers nearby.  Whether you choose flat-water or river water, your unit can get on the water as part of a weekend campout or a weekend day-trip.

NEIC will provide the kayaks, PFDs, and paddles to equip your outing and get your unit on the water.

If you are experienced canoeists, try something different and give kayaking at try.


Camp Oakarro’s location, around the corner from Sterling Lake at Van Patton Woods, make s for an excellent weekend campout with kayaking on flat water.  The Des Plaines river  is also nearby for a river paddling outing.

Camp Crown is located near the Chain-o-Lakes, Lake Geneva as well as the Fox River for half-day or full-day paddling treks.  Try kayak paddling as part of your next visit to Crown.



Kayaking Merit Badge look here for the requirements and instructional resources to get started with a lifelong sport.  River, lake and ocean-style kayaking are all available to NEIC paddlers.

Kayak Rental contact NEIC to rent 12 River/Lake kayaks including transportation to any of the many kayaking areas in Chicago, Northeast Illinois or Wisconsin.