Shooting Sports

NEIC has a long and strong tradition of safe and responsible shooting sports instruction and safety where all standards for BSA are enforced. All activities are supervised by a BSA/NRA qualified range master. Cub Scout shooting sports program may be conducted only on a district or council level and are not approved unit activities. Boy Scout program must be supervised by certified range instructors. Contact us for help to bring these activities to your unit.

Archery, BB Gun, Slingshot and Rock-throwing ranges are available at Camp Oakarro with supervision by qualified range instructors.

Shotgun, Rifle, and Archery is available at Bristol Ranges near Camp Crown.

Camp Oakarro  offers it’s own ranges for Archery, BB Gun, Rock-throwing and slingshots for for Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts. A schedule of weekend dates is available to NEIC units.

Camp Crown is close to the Bristol Range operated by the Conservation Club of Kenosha County.  The facility hosts Boy Scout events through a relationship with the NEIC Shooting Sports Committee.

Contact us to schedule your unit for pre-arranged shooting activity dates for Cub Scouts. Or, contact us to schedule Boy Scout shooting at Bristol Shooting Ranges.




Rifle Shooting, Shotgun Shooting and Archery  Merit Badges will teach you all about this exciting outdoor activity. Learn safety, techniques and practice your skills to become a marksman. Click on the patches to learn more about specific merit badge requirements.