Aptakisic District Committee

The Aptakisic District Committee oversees the functions of the District, including program, activities, finance, membership, and member relations. Below you will find a directory of our committees and their members. If you are interested in learning more about a committee or joining our team, please contact us using the links below.

District Committee Name Email
District Chairman  Tony Giamis Send an Email
Activities Jason Brown Send an Email
     Outdoor & Camping Vice-Chair Dave Kline Send an Email
                     Order of the Arrow Chapter Advisor Tim Clifford Send an Email
      Training Committee Vice-Chair Bill LaFleur Send an Email
       Advancement Committee Vice-Chair Bill Munro Send an Email
                    Eagle Advancement Coordinator Neil Burmeister Send an Email
       Membership Committee Vice-Chair  Theresa Calabrese Send an Email
                    Scouts BSA Coordinator Russ McNeilly Send an Email
        Nominating Committee Chair  Tim McKeown Send an Email
        Development Vice-Chair
Jon Grote
                      Popcorn Kernel Jason Brown Send an Email
         Religious Emblems Coordinator Ken LaCrosse Send an Email