North Star Commissioners

A Commissioner is first and foremost a friend–to adult leaders, to Scouting units (packs, troops, and crews), and to the larger Scouting movement. A commissioner is an experienced scouter who acts as an advisor to a Scouting unit on all matters related to running a healthy program, from calendar planning to recruitment, from budgeting to training, and anything else in between. Below you will find a directory of our commissioners and the communities they serve. Your commissioner is always willing to work with and for you, so please do not hesitate to reach out to them! Are you not sure who your commissioner is? Contact your District Commissioner below to point you to the right person.

District Commissioner Corps Name Email Units Serving
District Commissioner – Oversees, motivates, and encourages the commissioner corps while working towards District and Council goals, promotes the health of all Scouting units in the District.  Frank Martinek Send an Email
Assistant District Commissioner for East Lake County (Great Lakes Naval Base, Waukegan, Winthrop Harbor, Zion) Keith Totsch Send an Email  Pack 616, Pack 805, Troop 601, Troop 616,

        Unit Commissioner – Great Lakes

Robert Neill Send an Email  Pack 621
        Unit Commissioner – Waukegan
Send an Email Pack 609, Troop 323, Troop 609
        Unit Commissioner – Waukegan/Winthrop Harbor
Send an Email  Pack 603, Troop 667
        Unit Commissioner – Winthrop Harbor
Send an Email  Pack 667
Send an Email  Pack 673, Troop 673
Assistant District Commissioner for East Central Lake County (Gurnee, Wadsworth, Wildwood)
Interested in this role? Contact Us
        Unit Commissioner – Gurnee Mark Dahlen Send an Email  Troop 677
        Unit Commissioner – Gurnee/Wildwood
Send an Email  Pack 671, Pack 677
        Unit Commissioner – Gurnee Pat Lample Send an Email  Pack 627, Troop 627
        Unit Commissioner – Wadsworth
Send an Email  Troop 1987, Crew 1987
        Unit Commissioner – Wadsworth/Wildwood Patty Chojnacki Send an Email  Pack 672, Troop 671, Troop 672, Troop 675, Crew 671, Crew 672
Assistant District Commissioner for Northwestern Lake County (Antioch, Fox Lake, Lake Villa, Lindenhurst)        David Kublank Send an Email
        Unit Commissioner – Antioch Angi Scott Send an Email  Pack 33
        Unit Commissioner – Fox Lake Austin Blank Send an Email  Troop 85, Crew 185
        Unit Commissioner – Lake Villa Cheri Bleniss Send an Email  Pack 291
        Unit Commissioner – Lake Villa Bill Covington Send an Email  Pack 609, Troop 323, Troop 609
        Unit Commissioner – Lake Villa Andrew Hoose Send an Email  Pack 86
        Unit Commissioner – Lindenhurst Vacant Interested in this role? Contact Us
Assistant District Commissioner for Southwestern Lake County (Grayslake, Ingleside, Island Lake, Round Lake, Wauconda)        Bob Bonczar Send an Email
        Unit Commissioner – Grayslake Scott Bator Send an Email  Pack 73, Troop 73, Crew 73
        Unit Commissioner – Grayslake John Holmes Send an Email  Pack 99, Pack 451, Troop 451
Unit Commissioner – Grayslake/Ingleside/Round Lake Milt McDougald Send an Email Pack 179, Pack 679, Troop 303, Crew 275
        Unit Commissioner – Ingleside Austin Blank Send an Email Troop 85, Crew 185
        Unit Commissioner – Ingleside
Send an Email  Troop 679
        Unit Commissioner – Ingleside, Lindenhurst Carla Martinek Send an Email Pack 111, Troop 87
        Unit Commissioner – Round Lake
Send an Email  Pack 99
        Unit Commissioner – Round Lake Tim LaSalvia Send an Email  Pack 199, Troop 275, Crew 1170
        Unit Commissioner – Island Lake Vacant Interested in this role? Contact Us
Assistant District Commissioner for LDS Scouting in Lake County    Roger Moffat Send an Email  Pack 880, Troop 880
        Unit Commissioner – LDS Jim Butts Send an Email  Pack 174, Troop 174, Crew 174, Team 174
        Unit Commissioner – LDS Paul Grundberg Send an Email  Pack 274, Troop 274
Assistant District Commissioner for Roundtable – Responsible for planning and executing Roundtable meetings on a standing schedule (What’s Roundtable? Click here). Caroline Thacker Send an Email
        Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Peter Adrian Send an Email
        Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Evelyn Weber Send an Email
        Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner Lloyd Seltzer
        Venture Scout Roundtable Commissioner Bruce Bohren Send an Email