Gifts in Kind

Gifts in Kind are non-monetary donations of services or goods to the Council. Our Wish List changes regularly, so please check back to see if there is something you would like to donate to support our efforts to deliver Scouting to the best of our ability. Please let us know if you have used camping equipment, maintenance equipment or anything unusual to donate before dropping it off at the NEIC Service Center. Our space is limited, so we want to “Be. Prepared.”

Wish List

Long-term durable supplies

Building materials for various projects
Tires, vehicle and boat oil, or gas or propane (camp vehicles and mowers)
“Troop Trailer” in good condition for Event Marketing
Trailer wrap to promote Scouting


Many of our services are provided by the Wilderness Engineering Society, dedicated to maintaining and improving our camp properties.  If you would like to get involved, you can find more information about them in our Alumni area.

Advertising & design services
Cleaning service
Construction services
Lawn service
Maintenance services
Plumbing services

Scoutreach help

Art supplies (markers, crayons, safety scissors, posterboards…)
Brag vests
New or slightly used uniforms
New camping supplies
Pinewood derby kits
Scout handbooks

Program supplies

50 bows (12-20# pull)
4 gross target arrows
BB guns
DSLR for camp use
Fishing poles
Go-Pro cameras
Portable hard-drives (2TB+)
Stand-up paddle boards

Consumable products

20# 8 ½”x11” white paper
Dry erase markers and eraser kits
Flip chart pads
Toilet paper (single roll and mega rolls for camp)
Heavy duty paper plates
Tableware (heavy duty forks, knives, and spoons)
Paper napkins
Table covers 120”x54”
C-fold paper towels
Kitchen roll paper towels
Hot/cold cups with lids
Coffee, creamer, sugar, sweeteners

Event Auction Items

Big ticket items
Gift cards