Unit Funding & Product Sales

So, you have a lot of wonderful adventures and programs planned, but figuring out how to fund these activities is sometimes a challenge.  There are many ways to fund your unit and we’ll have even more for you in the future.  We’d like to get you started. Here are a few of our most asked questions answers.

What are the BSA policies in regard to Unit Funding?

This little Q&A provided by the Boy Scouts of America will help get you started. It is filled with important information regarding fundraising.

How do I apply to initiate my fundraising idea?

It is essential that you submit a Unit Money-Earning Application to the Northeast Illinois Council. Outside of the Popcorn Sale, all fundraising efforts must be approved at the council level. You can submit your application at the service center or email it to your District Director.

What opportunities does the Northeast Illinois Council provide for unit fundraising?

Our Annual Popcorn Sale is the only council-wide sanctioned activity provided by the Northeast Illinois Council to raise funds for your unit or individual Scouts who may want to earn money toward camping, Scouting supplies or activity fees.  You can find information on the Popcorn Sale at Popcorn Central.