NEIC Marketing Toolbox

In order to support our units’ recruiting efforts, we will be continually adding to our marketing toolbox. Please check back often, as new collateral becomes available.

Order Recruitment Materials

Use this link to order recruitment materials for your pack, troop, or crew’s joining event.

BSA Brand Identity

Learn about the BSA’s brand identity, from digital to print media. Learn all about utilizing correct fonts, graphics and BSA color palettes.

Bryan on Scouting – Boy Scout program name change explained.

Northeast Illinois Council (NEIC) Identity

It’s important that when you share our local Scouting story that you are prepared with accurate information.

Please limit use to these colors when creating content, graphics and collateral.

Please see below for the correct use of council property branding:

Northeast Illinois Council Camps


Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation (MSR): When referring to Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation, please take the time to use the full name, including hyphens. The official acronym is “MSR.” Having the designation of a “Scout Reservation” is a big deal. This means that our “reservation” has multiple camps.  You might see “MKJW” here and there, as it’s easily identifiable to many people who are a part of our camp family, but MSR is the official acronym.

Camp Sol R. Crown (SRC): Though many of us simply refer to it as “Camp Crown,” the official name of the camp is, in fact, Camp Sol R. Crown. Whenever referring to the camp, especially in writing, please use the formal designation.

Camp Oakarro: Camp Oakarro is, quite simply, “Camp Oakarro.”

Northeast Illinois Council Council Service Center

Kasperson Center for Scouting (KCS): This is the name of the new NEIC Service Center, located at 850 Forest Edge Drive, Vernon Hills, which will open on June 2, 2018. It is much more than a service center and will help us to provide meaningful programs and events right in our own backyard. Speaking of backyards, this leads us to Morrison Park!

Morrison Park: Morrison Park is the two-acre wooded lot surrounding the Kasperson Center for Scouting. It features an outdoor education area, fire pit, 55-car parking lot, and added program amenities.

Proper BSA Communication

Acronyms: Scouters use a lot of acronyms for just about everything. While we encourage people to “spell it out,” sometimes we slip into sentences such as, “The FD asked the DD to speak with the DE about the upcoming NLATS being taught by the CSE.” We’re confused too! Please check out the Language of Scouting to better understand those of us who still talk like this.

Capitalization: Did you know that Scouts, Scout, and Scouting are always capitalized?  Did you know that district committee is not? Find out how to properly use common Scouting designations on the “All Terms and Style Items” page, in both English and Spanish.

Unit Public Relations

Develop a Unit Public Relations Plan – Helpful tips on how to enhance your recruitment efforts and your positive presence in your community.

Social Media

BSA Social Media Playbook  – Everything from blogging to posting and more.

BSA Social Media Guidelines – Learn how to make online communications safe and productive for our Scouts and Scouters.

BSA Social Media Images – Why reinvent the wheel? The BSA has assets that are ready to post just for you.

Family Scouting

Scout Me In campaign materials  – Are you prepared for Family Scouting? Check out the new campaign assets here. New items added daily.

Family Scouting resource bank for units – Get info-graphics, recruitment assets, and detailed information for all ages.

Tell your Scouting story

We’re always looking for people to help us share Scouting’s story. Do you have high resolution images and a press release to share about a recent event or experience? We can help you distribute and promote it. Send your story to [email protected] or contact Stephanie Brooks at 847.748.9152 with questions.

Learn more about creating high-impact press releases for your unit.