Potawatomi Commissioners

A Commissioner is first and foremost a friend–to adult leaders, to Scouting units (packs, troops, and crews), and to the larger Scouting movement. A commissioner is an experienced scouter who acts as an advisor to a Scouting unit on all matters related to running a healthy program, from calendar planning to recruitment, from budgeting to training, and anything else in between. Below you will find a directory of our commissioners and the communities they serve. Your commissioner is always willing to work with and for you, so please do not hesitate to reach out to them! Are you not sure who your commissioner is? Contact your District Commissioner below to point you to the right person.

District Commissioner Corps Name Email Units Serving
District Commissioner – Oversees, motivates, and encourages the commissioner corps while working towards District and Council goals, promotes the health of all Scouting units in the District.  Reed Snyder Send an Email Pack 57, Troop 57
Assistant District Commissioner for Evanston/Northern Skokie Brian Lamberg Send an Email  Pack 903, Pack 929, Troop 3 Evanston, Troop 929

        Unit Commissioner

Dexter Bailey Send an Email  Pack 922, Troop 924
        Unit Commissioner
Send an Email  Pack 904, Pack 920
        Unit Commissioner  Jill Baker-Oda Send an Email  Pack 916
        Unit Commissioner  Rebecca Parker Send an Email  Pack 912
Send an Email  Pack 901, Pack 968, Pack 970
        Unit Commissioner 
Send an Email
        Unit Commissioner 
Send an Email  Pack 932
        Unit Commissioner  Betsy Uzzell Send an Email  Troop 916
        Unit Commissioner 
Send an Email  Troop 912
Assistant District Commissioner for Glenview Keith Lewandowski Send an Email  Troop 69
        Unit Commissioner 
Send an Email  Pack 154
        Unit Commissioner  Warren Fellingham Send an Email  Pack 156, Troop 156, Crew 156
        Unit Commissioner  James Hinz Send an Email  Pack 163, Troop 32, Crew 32
        Unit Commissioner  Paul Horwitz Send an Email  Pack 59
        Unit Commissioner  Reed Snyder Send an Email  Pack 57, Troop 57
        Unit Commissioner  Ann Young Send an Email  Pack 559, Troop 55, Crew 55
Assistant District Commissioner for Potawatomi North (Glencoe, Northbrook, Northfield) Larry Young Send an Email  Pack 182, Troop 162
        Unit Commissioner – Glencoe Sharon Zulkie Send an Email  Pack 28, Troop 28
        Unit Commissioner – Northbrook Matt Jaeger Send an Email  Pack 266
        Unit Commissioner – Northbrook Don Jakubek Send an Email  Pack 463, Troop 64, Crew 64
        Unit Commissioner – Northbrook Jim Johnson Send an Email  Pack 64
        Unit Commissioner – Northbrook Norma Severn Send an Email  Pack 164, Troop 67, Crew 67
        Unit Commissioner – Northbrook/Jewish Relations Richard Small Send an Email  Pack 62, Troop 62
        Unit Commissioner – Northfield Greg Mcdonough Send an Email  Pack 17, Troop 17, Crew 17
 Assistant District Commissioner for New Trier (Kenilworth, Wilmette, Winnetka)
Send an Email
        Unit Commissioner – Kenilworth
Send an Email  Pack 13, Troop 13, Crew 13
        Unit Commissioner – Wilmette Jack Baldwin Send an Email  Pack 1010, Troop 2, Crew 2
        Unit Commissioner – Wilmette Richard Baylaender Send an Email  Pack 4, Troop 11
        Unit Commissioner – Wilmette Kevin Clarke Send an Email  Pack 8
        Unit Commissioner – Winnetka Tom Fritts Send an Email Troop 20
        Unit Commissioner – Winnetka John Maurus Send an Email  Pack 20, Troop 20, Crew 20
        Unit Commissioner – Wilmette Cleland Noe Send an Email  Pack 1, Troop 3 Wilmette
        Unit Commissioner – Wilmette George Sullivan Send an Email  Pack 5, Troop 5, Crew 5
        Unit Commissioner – Wilmette Mary Wadleigh Send an Email  Pack 7, Troop 9
        Unit Commissioner – Winnetka Vacant Interested in this role? Contact us
Assistant District Commissioner for Roundtable – Responsible for planning and executing Roundtable meetings on a standing schedule (What’s Roundtable? Click here). Jill Baker-Oda Send an Email
        Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Mary Wadleigh Send an Email
        Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Dan Nishibun Send an Email
        Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner Chris Hersee Send an Email
        Venture Scout Roundtable Commissioner Vacant Interested in this role? Contact us
                Roundtable Staff Barb Roberts
The Potawatomi District is looking for more commissioners in all communities. If you are interested, please contact us!  Interested in this role? Contact us