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Fun, friendship, and experiential learning are essential to the development of a healthy child. The year-round, family-centered Cub Scout program gives kindergarten through fifth grade boys the opportunity to develop decision-making skills with emphases on outdoor stewardship, character development, active citizenship, and personal wellness. Most importantly, Cub Scouts have fun while they learn–they go outside, they experience new places, and they build things. By being a member of a Cub Scout pack, young people develop stronger peer groups while learning how to work together under the guidance of a strong adult leadership team.

If you ask a room full of men if they remember their first Pinewood Derby car, quite a few of them will raise their hands. They may not remember how they decorated their cars or who won the race, but they remember the excitement of watching a car they made themselves whoosh down a track while friends and family cheered them on. Scouting not only shapes capable young men, it creates unforgettable memories. The Pinewood Derby tradition continues today all across the Northeast Illinois Council, and we would love for your son and your family to be a part of it. Find your pack today here!