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Why join a Venturing Crew?

The youth-led, co-ed Venturing program serves young adults ages 13 who have completed the eighth grade through 20. Their motto, “Lead the Adventure,” is the cornerstone of what makes this program so appealing to youth who enjoy discovering more about the world around them. Venturing celebrates the spirit of inquiry through allowing youth to design their own program with unique aims and goals. Venturing uses hands-on, youth-forward methods to instill skills in leadership, event-planning, organization, communication, responsibility, and service to others.

Many of our Venturing Crews take high adventure to the next level. Whether its climbing rock faces at Devil’s Lake, kayaking on Lake Superior, fishing in the Northwoods, or trekking through Alaska, Northeast Illinois Venturing Scouts are consistently planning and executing expeditions around the Midwest and the United States. What do they do in the winter months? If they aren’t camping in the snow, they might just be getting ready for a big robotics competition. Venturing Crews don’t just expand their minds outdoors–they can choose to focus their program on STEM, music, art, or any area of interest they please. We never know quite what they’ll do next, but we do know they’ll keep us on the edge of our seats. Do you know someone who loves adventure and wants to make lifetime friends? Find a Venturing crew today!