Unit Leader Toolkit

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Membership Growth & Retention

Advancement & Awards

Outdoor Program

Service to the Community

Patrol Method

Family Engagement

Leadership Training

What is this Toolkit, and how does it help me and my Scouting Unit?

This toolkit has been designed by Scout leaders, for Scout leaders to help your unit achieve success in all aspects of the Scouting program. This kit provides you with the picture of how an ideal unit should run as well as the tools and resources needed for you to paint your own picture of success. Whether your unit just formed or has been serving your community for 100 years, the resources above are here to guide you through whatever aspect of unit health you may be struggling with or wish to learn more about. The categories above have been taken directly from the Journey To Excellence unit scorecard.

Journey to Excellence? What is that?

Journey to Excellence, or JTE, is the Boy Scout’s National benchmark and analysis tool. It measures unit performance and planning across the areas of focus you see above, and rewards units for their achievement in these categories at Bronze, Silver, and Gold rankings. JTE is designed to encourage excellence in program at all levels of the BSA. A unit is self-graded using a scorecard, which is distributed with recharter packets in October. You can click here to view the Journey to Excellence scorecard and see if your unit is on track to success!

How does participating in Journey to Excellence help my unit?

Excellent question. Below are seven ways JTE can aid your unit, provided by the BSA National JTE Board (Click here for a printable version).

1. A framework for planning the year – the Journey to Excellence standards are based on what successful units do to continually improve. If your unit plans to achieve Gold or Silver Journey to Excellence, you’ll have a strong and active program.
2. A method for evaluating your unit – JTE provides tangible measurements based on things you are likely
already tracking, such as how many campouts you have, how many youth are advancing, etc., and uses simple methods to calculate your performance.
3. Guidance in areas where you might do better – as you track your performance against the Journey to Excellence standards, you can easily identify areas for possible improvement and create a plan to address them.
4. Specific guidelines and standards of what is considered good performance – JTE has specific, simple measures to help you. You can easily track what you are doing against the standards.
5. Early warning of potential problem areas – you can track any areas in which your unit is not performing as you might like and have plenty of time to make corrections.
6. Recognition for good Scouting – you can proudly receive your Bronze, Silver, or Gold recognition ribbon for your Scouting unit for the year, which boosts the morale of both scouts and adult leaders.
7. Benchmarking to get ideas and tips from other units – you can receive help and best practices in areas where other units have met the Gold standard. In the areas where you are doing well, you can give help and ideas to other units.