Family Engagement

Why is Family Engagement important?

Without Scouting families, you have no Scouting program. Families provide program support, engagement, and contribute to a friendly unit atmosphere. All units should have a proactive approach in recruiting enough adult leaders and communicating openly and often with parents.  By actively including the family members of your Scouts in special events as well as everyday activities and planning, you can identify and approach new leaders to take over when seasoned leaders move on to other roles.

How can I identify new leaders or get more parents to help?

We highly recommend using the Family Talent Survey. Families have different skills, abilities, and time available to commit to Scouting, and this survey gathers all of that information and more. You may be surprised by which parents are willing to step up or what secret talents they may have to offer. Another method you can use is the election of a New Member Coordinator–this volunteer is responsible for welcoming new families into the unit and making them feel at home, while also setting the expectation of family involvement. For more tips on engaging families, click here.

Who do I turn to if I am struggling to engage families?

Our district staff and volunteers are here to help your unit face any difficulties in recruiting and retaining family volunteers. We are happy to meet with you to develop a plan of action and help you execute it. To contact your district staff, click here.