Membership drives success at every angle. We strive to offer every Scout-age youth the opportunity to participate in our program because we believe that Scouting is more important than ever. We want to help you grow your membership and retain the Scouts you have.  Here are a few resources we think will help:

Pack & Den Recruiting is essential to the future of our Scouting program, and once we get them to camp, they’re hooked! Check out Scoutingwire’s Pack and Den Recruiting Tools to enhance your recruiting efforts.

Webelos to Boy Scout Transitioning is the most important element for maintaining and growing our troops. We’ve got some tools just for this purpose!

  • Check out the Webelos to Scout Transition Series which you can view or download:
  • “Be a Boy Scout for the Weekend”
    • Troops should consider inviting Webelos and their parent to take part in “Being a Boy Scout for the Weekend”. This program has Webelos camp with and directly participate in a Troop’s campout over an appropriate weekend.  The Webelos is assigned to a Patrol where they are enabled to fully participate with the Patrol and learn to do the things a Patrol does on the campout.
    • It has been found that this program will provide the Webelos and their parent key insights into the Troop program, Boy Scouts as a total, and the Troop/ Patrol leadership, all leading to the Webelos/parent feeling confident in joining the Troop.

Boy Scout Recruiting is key to maintaining and fulfilling the Vision, Mission and Values of  your troop. Whether we have Webelos crossing over into your troop or you’re inviting brand new Scouting members, there are many resources to help you grow your program. You can check out some of these excellent tools to help:

Venturing Recruiting is necessary in order for a crew to be sustainable.  They must continually draw in new members. Luckily, this isn’t a chore! has everything you need to know in order to maintain a healthy crew!

Online Application – Packs, Troops, and Crews can now take applications for new scouts and adults online! If your unit wants to streamline the application process and reduce paperwork, click here to find out how to set up your online application portal.