Merit Badge Counselors

Successful delivery of our BSA programs relies on talented volunteers to council and mentor our Scouts. Below, you will find information on locating a merit badge counselor as well as resources for new and current merit badge counselors. 

Find Merit Badge Counselors here. To protect the privacy of our Merit Badge Counselors, their contact information is only visible to Scoutmasters. Work with your Scoutmaster to contact them. If you are a new or current Scoutmaster and do not have full access to this list, please contact Zach Norton here.

  1. Fill out an Adult Application using Merit Badge Counselor (position code 42) as the position title. There is currently no fee to become a merit badge counselor. Even if you are already registered, you will need to fill out a new adult application.
  2.  Complete the Merit Badge Counselor Information Sheet. Some merit badges require you to submit additional certification. Click here for more information on additional requirements.
  3. Complete Current Youth Protection Training at
  4. Mail your application to the Council Office or email it to Zach Norton

Application Process

Applications are approved monthly by the Advancement Committee. Once applications are approved, they are submitted to the national office for processing. You will receive a confirmation email when your name has been added to the list. Scoutmasters receive the updated merit badge counselor list once a month with contact information. If you have questions about the status of your application, please contact Zach Norton

To teach an additional Merit Badge:

  1. Make sure your Youth Protection Training is current. You can check this in your account.
  2. Fill out the Merit Badge Counselor information SheetCheck here to see if your new merit badge you want to teach requires additional certifications.
  3. Mail your application to the Council Office or email it to Zach Norton
Counselor Renewal
Current merit badge counselors will receive a notification via email that the renewal process has begun (usually in April). To continue as a counselor or mentor, you will need to follow the instructions emailed to you and make sure that  your Youth Protection Training is up-to-date. If you do not respond to this renewal notification, you will be dropped from the roster and will need to re-register.
For additional questions about the merit badge counselor application or these processes, please contact the council office at 847-433-1813.

For more information on the Nova Awards program, click here.

Click here to find a Nova Counselor or SuperNova Mentor. SuperNova Mentors are subject-matter experts in their respective STEM fields.

Become a Nova Counselor or SuperNova Mentor

  1. Fill out an Adult Application. Use Nova Counselor (position code 58) or SuperNova (position code 52) as the position title.  
  2. Take Youth Protection Training at If you are already a registered leader, verify that your YPT training is current.
  3. For SuperNova Mentors only: fill out the SuperNova Mentor Information Form.
  4. Mail your application to the Council Office or email it to Zach Norton.