Service Hours

Please log your service hours here!

Why is Service to Others so important?

Service to others forms the base of Scouting at all levels of the program. Besides, “doing a good turn daily” and service hours are required for Scout rank advancements. Unit leaders should encourage service hours to be done individually by the Scouts as well as by small groups, patrols, and/or troops.

I’ve got a Cub Scout Pack. How can our Cub Scouts help?

Doing service projects together is one way that Cub Scouts keep their promise “to help other people at all times.” While a Scout should do his best to help other people every day, a group service project shows your Cub Scouts the importance of working together to bring about a larger impact. While your Scouts give service, they are learning to work together with others to do something that’s good for your community. Here are some simple ideas to get your pack started! Also look at events within your school and community, such as festivals, farmer’s markets, back-to-school fairs, etc. This is a great way to give your Cub Scout pack visibility within your community.

What about Crews and Troops? How can older Scouts help?

Older Scouts provide the backbone and leadership for service projects all over our council.  Eagle Scouts alone contribute an average of 35,000 service hours per year right here in Northeast Illinois. Service projects of any nature improve your unit’s visibility and show that your unit plays a helpful, contributing role in your community. You can check out this page from National’s Journey to Excellence Resource Guide for some starting ideas and approaches. Don’t forget to log your service hours!

How do I log my unit’s service hours? Why are we asked to do this? Isn’t the service provided enough?

It is strongly encouraged that units enter and log all service hours, including adult hours, in the BSA National Service Hour Tool. The hours entered into this system count towards your Unit’s, Council’s, and District’s Journey to Excellence ranking. It is also important for the communities we serve to be aware of the impact that our Scouts, units, and the overall BSA provide. Each year the Northeast Illinois Council reports over 55,000 service hours logged into the system, but we estimate that this represents only a small fraction of the actual hours spent making our communities better. We want to recognize all efforts made, so please log your unit’s service hours–it only takes a few minutes, but it has a huge impact on our success together as a Council. For help with logging your unit’s service hours, please contact us here.