2020 Membership Plan

Dear Unit Volunteers,

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally shifted the way we interact in our day to day lives. With a statewide stay at home order, the way we provide the Scouting program has also changed. We are holding Scout meetings virtually as well as participating in online advancement opportunities. Our registration efforts this spring were also affected as school closures prohibit us from promoting our programs.

The Northeast Illinois Council (NEIC) is excited to announce our 2020 fall Recruitment Plan. The NEIC will be supporting your communities with digital recruitment marketing this fall. Through geofencing—digital ads specifically targeted to families within communities geographic location—to ensure that families in your area understand the incredible benefits of Scouting and know-how and where to join.

Please provide your membership team with the following information so we can best prepare for your unit’s Registration Night. 

  • The date, start/end time, and location of your Registration Event
  • Your unit’s membership contact person with email and phone number
  • Any additional materials you will need for your Registration Event

We are asking your unit to do things differently than you have in the past. Because we have new technology to support your unit reaching more families, we recommend using this registration night model to streamline the registration process. Our units that have the most successful registrations use this model and collect applications and fees the same evening. This system saves your unit time because it eliminates the need for extensive follow-up. Our model features stations that get families registered and provide them with everything that they need to get started.

Registration Night Station Set-Up

  • Station 1: Welcome – Greet every family that comes in and ask them to sign in.
  • Station 2: Unit Information – Hand out the unit calendar, contact info, and a save the date for your parent orientation.
  • Station 3: Registration Forms – Have the parent(s) complete the BSA application and explain the cost. If your packs have additional dues, please explain what they cover. Have the family complete the Family Talent Survey.
  • Station 4: Check Out/Pay – Make sure the application is completed and signed by the unit leader. Collect the completed application and the proper fee amount that your unit charges.
  • Station 5: Uniform (optional) – Once they are done checking out, direct them to the table where they can purchase/receive their book, uniform, patches, and other Scouting supplies.
  • Station 6: Fun activity (optional) – Once they have purchased the essentials to be a Scout, have an easy activity planned like ice cream, s’ mores, or a craft.

With a strong recruiting effort, we can ensure that every child attending a Registration night leaves as an official Scout.

We will also be adding a myriad of digital marketing tools in addition to our traditional paper assets throughout this summer. You will be contacted by your district professional staff before August 1 to check in on your progress and address any additional needs. We are here to ensure your success! 

Thank you for all you do in Scouting to support the families in your community. Your work changes lives, piece by piece, meeting by meeting. Your efforts make a difference, and we thank you for the time you so generously give.

Yours in Scouting,

Russ McNeilly,

Vice President of Membership