Registration Event 101

Registration Event Guide

Registration Night Station Set Up

  • Station 1: Welcome – Greet every family that comes in and ask them to sign in.
  • Station 2: Unit Information – Hand out the unit calendar, contact info, and a save the date for your parent orientation.
  • Station 3: Registration Forms – Have the parent(s) complete the BSA application and explain the cost. If your packs have additional dues, please explain what they cover.
  • Station 4: Check Out/Pay – Make sure the application is completed and signed by the unit leader. Collect the completed application and proper fee amount that your unit charges. Also have the family fill out the Family Talent Survey and collect it. You can review these to identify potential new leaders!
  • Station 5: Uniform (optional) – Once they are done checking out, direct them to the table where they can purchase/receive their book, uniform, patches, and other Scouting supplies.
  • Station 6: Fun activity (optional) – Once they are done purchasing the essentials to be a Scout, have an easy activity planned like ice cream, s’mores, or a craft.

Below is a helpful infographic for setting up your registration night. To download a PDF version, click here.

Registration Night Video

Our friends at the Sam Houston Area Council produced this video to showcase the registration night model. While some of their stations are different, the outline is the same.