Planning Resources: Budget, Calendar and More

Planning Your Year: Budgets, Calendars, & the Annual Planning Conference

A research project done by Eli Lilly in Indianapolis, Indiana, showed that a common element of strong unit is that they have a good annual program planned a year in advance and is shared with all families in the form of a calendar. By generating a calendar, you can generate a budget of how much your activities will cost so that you can decide on fundraising goals and set your annual dues. All of this can be done once a year at the Annual Planning Conference. This meeting is where your unit will decide what they’d like to do and helps develop a plan to have your best year yet. There is no set rule on when this meeting should take place, but many units choose to do this either in the winter before school ends or over the summer when school is over. Click the links below to view agendas, powerpoints, and other resources for running your Annual Planning Conference.

Cub Scout Planning Tools

Boy Scout Planning Tools

Venturing Planning Tools

Annual Calendar

Many resources exist on the National BSA website to help you plan your unit’s ideal scouting year.

Pack Calendar Planning

Troop Calendar Planning

Crew Calendar Planning

Make sure to reference:

  • Your school/church’s calendar
  • Our Council calendar (to find fun, already-planned events for your scouts!)
  • Community event dates
  • Personal conflicts (for example, don’t plan your troop’s biggest campout when your Scoutmaster is having their gall bladder removed).

It is crucial that you provide new families with a calendar as soon as they join. Parents like to join activities that are organized, so plan ahead!



It is vitally important that you review your unit’s budget every year along with your calendar to determine how much your Scouting year will cost. This is also the time to discuss your funding sources for the year, such as unit fundraisers, popcorn, and member dues. Below are resources for planning your unit’s finances.

Cub Scout Budget Worksheet – customizable Excel sheet formulated to generate a working budget for your pack.

Boy Scout Budget Worksheet – customizable Excel sheet formulated to generate a working budget for your troop.

BSA Fiscal Policies – FAQ – answers to our most commonly asked questions about unit finances.

Unit Money Earning Guide and Application – this must be filled out and submitted for all fundraisers conducted by the unit that are not run through the Council.

Popcornwe firmly believe that for Packs, Troops, and Crews, the Council’s annual Popcorn Sale provides the lowest risk and best return on investment to both the Scout and the Unit out of any fundraiser. Your unit/Scouts keep up to 35% of your sales, all unsold product is collected by the Council with no charge to your unit, your scouts can earn cool prizes while learning about salesmanship and working towards a common goal, and you have many resources available to help you run a successful sale (and as a bonus to your families, units that sell Popcorn collect lower annual dues on average than units that do not sell). Click to learn more about our Popcorn Sale and start selling!