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The Northeast Illinois Council is blessed to reside in a region that exemplifies diversity. We proudly serve youth and adults from the ever-expanding spectrum of faith and religious identification found in Chicago’s northern suburbs. We are constantly searching for opportunities to build new relationships with all religious institutions and faith communities in our service area. If you are interested in deepening your faith program through Scouting or have questions about our existing religious relationships, please contact us here.

The Religious Emblem program is not administered through the National BSA office but through faith-specific national committees. For a guide to religious awards and to see which awards your Scout can earn, click here. Below are links to the National Religious Committees, which offer more detailed information about awards and resources specific to each denomination:

*Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all faiths offering religious awards.

Where do I find a religious emblems coordinator?

If you are searching for a religious emblems coordinator for Catholic or Jewish awards, please contact the appropriate committee below. If you are searching for a religious emblems coordinator for a different denomination, use the links above to contact the appropriate national committee.

How do I become a religious emblems counselor?

To become a religious emblems coordinator for Catholic or Jewish awards please contact the respective committee using the links below.  For information on becoming a religious emblems coordinator for a different denomination, use the links above to contact the appropriate national committee.

The Roman Catholic Church has partnered with the Boy Scouts of America since the 1920s and utilizes BSA programs extensively. Scouting is present in about one-third of parishes in the United States. The NEIC Catholic Committee endeavors to serve Catholic scouts, leaders, and families by providing access to resources, religious emblem counseling, and special events and activities, such as as our annual Kumbaya Catholic Campout. For more information on the Catholic Committee or to join, contact us here.

Religious Emblem Counselor Training

The NEIC hosts two Religious Emblems Counselor Training sessions every year. You can register through this calendar. You can also set up one-on-one training by contacting our religious emblem trainer here.

Religious Awards/Board of Review Information

 Awards and certificates can be ordered through the Chicago Catholic Scouting Website. Please be sure to order your awards 4-6 weeks in advance to account for processing time.

Boards of Review are typically held in December and are listed on our calendar here.

Upcoming Events 

View our calendar here.

The Chicago Archdiocese also frequently training, programs, and events for Catholic scouts and leaders.

National Resources

The National Catholic Committee on Scouting provides resources for leaders, parents, and Scouts on religious awards, training opportunities, and ways to incorporate the Catholic faith into Scouting. 



When William D. Boyce, one of the BSA’s founders, was searching for financing to sustain the movement during its formative years, he with Mortimer Schiff, a prominent Jewish financier, and William Mitchell, the national president of the YMWHA (Young Mens and Womens Hebrew Association).  Both men thought that Jews and Jewish institutions should become involved in the movement based on its values and curriculum. The NEIC’s Jewish Committee cherishes our involvement with the Jewish Community and will continue to nurture this relationship to the betterment of our Scouts. For more information on Jewish Scouting in the NEIC or to join the committee, please contact us here. 


Religious Emblem Counselor Training 

The NEIC hosts Jewish Religious Emblem Counselor Training on an ad-hoc basis. For more information or to schedule a training, please contact us here. 

Ordering Religious Awards 

The National Jewish Committee on Scouting partners with the PRAY Program to facilitate award and certificate orders.

Upcoming Events 

View our calendar here.

National Resources 

The National Jewish Committee on Scouting provides requirements and resources for leaders, parents, and scouts that are pursuing religious emblem awards, as well as information and guides on how to incorporate the Jewish Faith into the Scouting program.

All religious committee chairs within the NEIC form the Interfaith Committee. If you are interested in joining this committee and representing your faith, please contact us here.

Interfaith Service Guide