Common sense tells us that training is important, and research shows the importance of trained leaders in Scouting. Below are overviews of training available for youth and adults, both in-person and online. Click on the tiles to learn more about each training.
Our training committee fosters the delivery of useful and effective training throughout the NEIC, and will even visit your unit to conduct training. Contact them here!

Basic Adult Leader Training

  • Youth Protection Training. This is taken online. Click the image below for instructions and to take the core.
  • Position-Specific Training. Click the image below to learn more and for instructions on how to take your training online.
  • Additional Training. Some positions require additional in-person training. To view the requirements for your role, click here.
  • Hazardous Weather Training. All direct contact leaders must take Hazardous Weather Training to be considered trained. This can be taken via

Advanced Adult Leader Training

You’re trained in your position and you’re pretty comfortable camping, but now you want to learn more. What’s next? Explore advanced training by clicking the images below. 

Click here to view our training calendar and register for upcoming trainings!

Inspiring youth to be better leaders is a key component of Scouting. Below are additional trainings that youth members can take advantage of to further their development.