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From Cub Scouts to Explorers, our programs build strength, character, and positive attitudes. We want you to be a part of it. You can learn more.

Pinewood Derby.

The Pinewood Derby in Cub Scouts fosters creativity and teamwork as young scouts design and race miniature cars, learning valuable skills and creating lasting memories.

Programs We Offer

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Cub Scouts

K – 5th Grade

Cub Scouts fosters character, outdoor skills, and teamwork. It offers engaging activities, positive values, and a supportive community. Join Cub Scouts today to provide your child with unforgettable experiences, lasting friendships, and valuable life lessons, while creating lasting memories as a family.

Scouts BSA

6th Grade – 18 Years Old

Scouts BSA, empowers young individuals through leadership, outdoor adventures, and personal growth. Join Scouts BSA to forge lifelong friendships, develop a wide range of useful and interesting skills, and embrace challenges, preparing for a future of success and learn self-confidence and responsible citizenship.


8th Grade -20 Years Old

Venturing offers exciting opportunities for personal development, leadership, and exploration in a less rigid and more exploration-oriented setting. Join Venturing to embark on youth lead adventures, gain practical skills, or discover your passions while forming lifelong bonds with like-minded individuals on the path to success.