Why support Scouting?

Scouting changes lives! Scouting develops our future leaders. Scouting paves the way to a bright future for our young people. Those are just three reasons, but there are many more. Just imagine the possibilities!

How can I support Scouting?

There are many ways to support Scouting and all work in tandem to create a strong Scouting program for our youth, families and leaders.  Whether you give of your time, your talent or your treasure, your efforts pay off for the youth we serve.

Who else supports Scouting?

Financial resources for the Northeast Illinois Council come from our annual Friends of Scouting (FOS) campaign, foundation grants, Popcorn Sale, special events, local companies, project sales, investment income, trust funds, bequests, gifts of real and personal property, and your direct financial contributions.